New and Improved

I’ve been playing this game since I was 11 years old.

A few other players in the LEC started out by playing sports and applying their competitive energy to games instead.

Not me.

I was always here.

I guess technically not always, but very early.

My brother was the one who got me into League of Legends, and we started by playing the game together, but by late season one, I was already very committed to solo queue on the ranked ladder.

It wasn’t even long after that when I played on my first competitive teams.

Of course, at the start, I was just playing on teams with my friends in the Czech Republic. We played together a lot and entered some amateur tournaments, but it wasn’t very serious.

It wasn’t until Season 5 that things got a little more serious when I joined up with eXtatus.

By that point, I had decided that I wanted to focus on AD Carry and make that my role, but more than anything I was just looking to play, so I would fill in anything. I remember playing as a jungler for something like one month, which did not go very well in the tournaments we played in.

I stuck with AD Carry after that.

To fast-forward a little bit, 2017 was a pretty crazy year for me.

In 2017, I played on: Reign, Origen’s Spanish regional team, Besiktas, and eSuba three separate times.

It was the same as before, I just wanted to play at any opportunity. It wasn’t the best experience in some cases, but it was some experience at least.

Towards the end of the year, I got to rank one on the ladder and became very confident in my ability to compete in the LCS, so I declined every offer I got. I basically refused to speak with any teams until an LCS team approached me.

The opportunity I had been waiting for finally showed up when H2K Gaming signed me. I was delighted. My confidence was not false. I was ready to take the next step.

Looking back on it now…I didn’t.

Compared to my current situation in Origen, I would say it’s like night and day. While I appreciate my time in H2K and especially how it, in certain ways, helped me grow as a person and player, being a part of Origen is a totally different experience.

The structure, environment and overall setup for us players is amazing. We have people taking care of everything basically, starting with our coaches, Deficio and the performance team, but also people helping us with content, press and other things.

Some of it, I didn’t really know I needed, but it makes such a difference to be able to focus on my game and my team.

Somehow we managed to make playoffs in the 2018 Spring Split after going 1-7. We won a lot of games that we shouldn’t have.

I’m thinking about the base defence against Giants, and the game against G2 when we were over 10K gold behind. Honestly, making it to the playoffs was like winning the lottery. I’m not sure we could have repeated that feat, that’s for sure.

Some people seem to think that, as a team, we improved over the course of the season. I don’t think that’s really true. Personally, I just concentrated on playing my own game. I’m not sure how the other members of the team felt about it, but that’s how I dealt with it.

Our level was the same from early in the Spring until the end of the Summer split. Maybe the other teams we played against were bad too? I couldn’t tell you for sure.

I would say that our Summer Split was the Rogue of 2018, but Rogue at least put up a fight.

Franchising came at one of the worst times for me since I had just finished one of the worst splits ever in Europe. A lot of teams left the league, and a lot of players were looking for new homes. To be honest, I’m not sure what to think as far as why I was signed.

I guess Deficio saw something in me when he was making the roster. I don’t know. All I could think at the time was: “Why me?”

A lot of players that should have been in the LEC, didn’t make it. Players like Djoko and Targamas just couldn’t find a team. All I can think is that people disregarded the Giants lineup entirely. It’s a shame. I think both of them will make it back at some point.

I thought I was going to join them as one of those players who would have to take a step back to the regional leagues. It wasn’t an easy time for any of us.

When Origen contacted me and told me about the team they were building, I knew I had to take the offer. Not just because it meant I could play in the LEC, but also because it was actually a really good team.

With Origen, we have things like: a sports psychologist, health and fitness experts, basically, a team of experts tending our every need. There are personal flats for the players.

It’s completely different from what I have been used to, and it’s helped me develop a lot. I’m just developing better habits that help me improve as a person and as a player.

A simple example is my diet. Whenever I feel like eating fast food or things like that, we can have alternative food made. Food that is better for us, physically, and even mentally. This whole world is a big change for me.

As recent as last year, I wasn’t confident in myself. I didn’t feel good about myself as a person.

But now, with everyone and everything in this team, I feel much better.

Image Credit: Riot Games

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