Changing Tempo

I am what you could call a young veteran.

Although I am 20, I have been around for a few years now. Most of those years were spent on Misfits, in the LEC.

And throughout those years, I’ve experienced a mixture of highs and lows, good days and bad days.

I studied the game a lot, and overthought my movements back on Misfits. It wasn’t a natural process. I studied tempo and lane swaps because I felt that it was my responsibility to shotcall. We had a huge macro focus, and it was very hard.

In 2017, we had huge ups and downs in the season results-wise, but we played to our strengths and made it very far: the World Championship quarterfinals. We had very talented individual players back then. That was an amazing experience, and I miss the time we spent at that Worlds.

Sadly, 2019 wasn’t my best year. In my last few months at Misfits Gaming, I lost some of the confidence I had in myself. Because I was losing to everyone at some point, even in the French League, I didn’t know where my skill level was.

Looking back, I didn’t focus on my strengths enough.

The solution was to step out of my comfort zone in Misfits. It wasn’t too difficult to do it – to leave the only team that I had played in the LEC with – because I was excited to try something new and find myself again.

At Rogue, I have found a new home where I can focus on my skills and strengths. There’s more freedom to play how I want to play, and work on my game. It’s easy to participate more in everything, and that feels good.

My new teammates are fun to work with and keep things interesting. As a result, I’m having a lot of fun in this new adventure. Changing things up can sometimes lead to a temporary boost in motivation, but with this team, I feel it’s here to stay.

I am new to this environment, especially given that I am playing with young players. I don’t have to overthink it, just play by instinct. Whatever goes, goes. Besides, everyone enjoys the game here and talks about it a lot, and I don’t feel that I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.

I actually wanted to play with young players, just as I did back in Misfits with the academy. With all of them being rookies, I saw how different the environment was: they played more solo queue and were more involved in talking about League. It never felt that we had to force ourselves to do that — just as it doesn’t feel that way on Rogue.

Maybe there are a few differences here and there. These Rogue teammates are fun to watch when they play solo queue. Some people tilt. But still, seeing them far up in the ranks goes to show how dedicated, passionate and hungry they are.

If I had to sum it up, I would say that they have nothing to lose. Granted, we are more aggressive in scrims than on game days, but we still put it all on the line.

Although I have been in the scene for a while, and some people might see me as ‘old,’ I am still young — I am only 20– and I really like their mindset.

But I did learn a lot compared to other young people given my experience.

The first time I played against Misfits in 2020, I won’t hide that I was nervous. I did think about it a lot.

Nowadays, I don’t feel much pressure and perform my best on stage, or outside of scrims. Granted, adapting to meta changes always happens regardless of which season it is, and you have to learn.

Our week-by-week progression as a team doesn’t get impacted by losses. A lot of our lost games were winnable. In fact, based on scrim results, we could definitely be Top 2. As long as our wins and losses got us ready for the playoffs, we were satisfied.

We were very motivated to go for a playoffs run. Larssen, Finn, and Inspired especially. They won against Splyce in the 2019 Summer playoffs, but didn’t make it that far. I know they wanted to step it up this time around.

And so did I. It’s been a while since I even reached the playoffs, and it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t push a little further.

In the meantime, I do remember that a lot of people knew me for my drawings as well when I first came into the scene. Some may be disappointed to hear that I have only been drawing sketches as of late.

Drawing anything close to a masterpiece, or to a finished art piece, takes so many hours, and I don’t usually draw for that long. Because I only draw for one hour whenever I can find the time, I cannot get in the zone and really focus on the piece.

Going from sketching, to maybe cleaning lineart then cel-shading, would take a day at least, and I don’t have that kind of time during the season.

But sketching helps me relax. I can be a beast on League of Legends, but I can’t do that 24/7. I have to accept it and do my best to relax and disconnect a bit.

Adel Chouadria assisted with the creation of this article

Image Credit: Hans Sama, Riot Games

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