Good Days and Bad Days

Times are a little different from what they were in 2019.

On one hand, you’d expect it to be different: different people and different coaches are around the team. However, I’m not really thinking about it on a conscious level. Change happens.

To begin with, every organization was a little sceptical about me because I didn’t perform for a long time. When that happens, people put less value onto you; even Misfits were sceptical about keeping me. Those were hard times.

I got to a point where I simply didn’t care about the money. I would have played for free. Whatever it took. All things considered, I feel blessed that they gave me this chance.

The organization told me that I might have to share my spot with Ronaldooo, and I was fine with it. I know my worth; I know what I can do, and how I should do things.

I was very confident that it would work out regardless; I worked with LIDER before, and it worked out nicely even though the results weren’t there.

In 2020, I joined a team of rookies — people that haven’t had the amounts of success and failures that I’ve had. It would be really valuable for them if they understood the lessons I’ve learned: the things I’ve been through, my perspective on how I want to do things, and the things I want to achieve.

After playing for five years professionally, I have experienced many ups and downs. Despite achieving so many things, I have never been satisfied. Having those rookies trying to understand me is nice.

So has trying to get them on the same page. This is what I told them: We’re going to be nothing but the best, and we’ll work towards that. And I’m not just saying it: I’m acting the part; through my work ethic, I’m trying to inspire them and lead them.

I know that things won’t go anywhere if I keep things to myself. I know I can perform by myself, but it’s more about the team performing well so that I can shine even more.

I’m really glad with the team, the coaching staff, and how players treat the competition. I’m happy with my performance, but I know that spring split is “whatever”.

I’ve been 18-0 before, and I know what it tastes like, but I know that the real deal is in the playoffs and how we work every day towards what we want to achieve: being the best in team Europe.

Unlike last year’s lineup, we are on the same page. We have a simple but crucial motto: “help each other”. That applies inside of the game and out. You need to work on that to become the best team.

Regardless of whether we win or lose, the motto is very clear, and we know how to tackle issues: by helping each other. We know how to move forward because of that experience, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

As much as work is paying off, I wouldn’t be satisfied still. I would go to my teammates and let them know what we could do better, and it’s the same for them. We all have input to share, and it’s about the message.

The coaching staff is really open as well. We players are given the opportunity to say what we want to say, and to present what we want to present. If I want to do a presentation on Monday, they will give me the time to prepare it, then try to understand my message. The same applies to everyone on the team.

The freedom the staff gives us is something we should use more. Maybe it’s undervalued by the players, but that comes with having rookies: they want to listen and learn more than they would want to lead. Even then, I am happy with the resources they provide.

Ultimately, the confidence, the belief, and the understanding I have is my most valuable asset. That’s what keeps me going. No matter what, I will never give up. I know how good I can be, and how good of a player I can be to my team.

Once that’s clear in your mind, you want to put that out there for the world to see. That’s what I’m doing. I want people to recognize what Misfits and I are doing.

There may be bad days, but there also are good days.

I had some really tough times when I felt I wasn’t being valued despite knowing what I was worth, and it hits really hard. At that point, you have to sell yourself; it’s a situation that I have never been into before. In a way, I hit rock bottom.

I love competition, so I grinded hard. This is why I play.

I use those painful moments and turn them into energy to keep me going, keep me competing. That’s where the beauty of life is at for me right now.

Adel Chouadria assisted with the creation of this article

Photo Credit: Riot Games

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