New Beginnings

My time at Splyce has been one of highs and lows, from our Summer Split run in 2016, reaching the heights of the EU LCS finals and qualifying for Worlds, to slowly watching our team fall apart in 2017.

Qualifying for the World Championship was definitely the happiest moment of my career so far, closely followed by our time spent boot-camping in Korea before heading to NA to play in the tournament; it was just such a great experience overall.

By contrast, my lowest point was probably seeing our team break apart over the course of 2017. We entered the year with such high hopes and feeling really good about our chances, but everything soon just fell to the ground. We started losing a lot and had tons of problems that never really got solved.

A low point was the reverse sweep against Misfits since we were actually playing well again there but lost mainly because of tilt and an incorrect read on the meta. Then, again in the quarterfinals, losing 2-3 to G2 Esports felt like shit as well, but at least we could take some pride in that we had put up a fight.

Personally, I felt really bad after the loss to G2 in the 2016 Summer finals, because I felt that I had let my team down. That’s something I never want to feel again.

After the struggles of 2017, it was to be expected, sadly, that my four teammates would be choosing different career paths for the new split.

We all announced free agency after the season ended, as we should for obvious reasons. Ultimately, I went with Splyce because it was the best option for me in every aspect. I have a lot of love for the organisation, particularly the owner, Marty Strenczewilk, who I think is such a great and trustworthy guy.

Seeing how much everything has changed for the better over the years has been awesome and I think Splyce is a great place to be, even more so now if you think back to where we started. I knew that the coach Peter was extremely smart about the game after my initial meeting with him and this is someone I’m excited to have coach me. Similarly, when I heard the prospective roster, I was positive that, with all these aspects together, Splyce was the best offer I had.

I definitely miss playing and just hanging out with my previous teammates, but I accept that our team was slowly falling apart during the 2017 season. Our quarterfinal series against G2 was our last chance to do something, but when we lost that, I knew it was the final nail in the coffin and that the team wouldn’t continue together.

It was really emotionally tough to part ways with the best teammates and friends I’ve had for 2-3 years, but everyone knew that it had to happen.

Having boasting a strong Danish identity in previous splits, I think it’s different now. It’s not like the good old 4-5 Danish teammates and friends playing together but, since I am the only Dane left, I will try to carry on the sense of Danish pride and hope its enough to preserve the Danish identity and satisfy our regional fanbase.

I think the biggest challenge building a roster almost from scratch is to get on the same page and work together as a five-man unit. It sounds simple, but it’s really hard with five players who have never played together before (except Kasing and Odoamne). Everyone comes from different backgrounds, different teams, different playstyles and we will have to adapt to each other.

That said, I believe we have a solid foundation with the coaching staff supporting us and that, with time, we will eventually become a really strong team, even though we might look weak in the early stages of the spring split.

The ultimate goal for 2018 is obviously qualifying for Worlds again and actually performing there. Since we’re aiming for the long term, to reach that goal, we have to put in tons of hard work and constantly look to improve as much as possible.

Other than that, my biggest personal goal is still to win a split. I went to the finals once in 2016 and lost, then in 2017, we got knocked out in the quarters 2-3 in both the Spring and Summer Splits, which was really sad. I want to be in the top four this split, especially after hearing that the spring finals/3rd place match will be heading to Copenhagen, in my home country.

It would be so awesome to get to play there, and if we don’t make it I think it would be too painful just to watch from the sidelines. Finally, if I keep performing well and continue improving, I hope people will start to recognize me as one of the best AD carries in Europe.

Above all else, I just want to see our team grow. Maybe we won’t be the best team in the beginning, but I really hope we can turn into one of the strongest teams in EU.

This season feels refreshing, like a new experience. It’s going to be fun to get to know new people and play together with my new teammates, so far, I am enjoying it.

Even though it’s still Splyce, going into 2018 feels like a new beginning for me.

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