Carrying My Teammates’ Water

Getting the chance to be coached by Zikz at Scouting Grounds and then being drafted to CLG remains a memorable moment in my career.

My personal Scouting Grounds experience was amazing. It was my first time flying over to Los Angeles and going from the frigid New York November weather to the California sunshine was a drastic change.

As a CLG fan heading into Scouting Grounds, I had a CLG hat that both Zikz and Aphromoo signed at the event. I got to meet so many players as well as experiencing scrims and the opportunity to work with LCS coaches.

I’d heard about CLG’s reputation as a great team to be a part of, but I personally can’t describe what it is that makes it special, having never experienced playing for any other organisation.

I made my NA LCS debut for CLG against FlyQuest last split. I remember I sat down before the series with CLG’s esports director, Matt Nausha, and he had me vividly imagine every aspect of how it would feel to play on the LCS stage for the first time, right down to the car ride there.

At the beginning of the first match, my heart was beating so fast and I was pretty nervous, but gradually I levelled out and played normally. It was an awesome experience.

My post-game interview with Captain Flowers definitely looked emotional, though I don’t remember being emotional at the time.

I don’t know how the pressure affected us as the season progressed but everyone in the team remained focused on improving and getting better.

I was pretty devastated after our playoff defeat, we had worked really hard to get to that point and we were so close to making the World Championship, but we ultimately fell short at the last stretch.

I definitely don’t think fans got to see my full potential in 2017 and I’ll keep improving every single day until I become the player I want to be.

When it was announced that CLG had signed Reignover to the main roster, I was pretty excited. He is a legendary jungler and I’m looking forward to watching him play, asking him about the game and learning from him.

On CLG Academy, I want to use the experience and skills that Aphromoo and the other CLG leaders before me have exhibited and showcase those traits myself. I’m not trying to be a superstar, I want to carry water for my teammates and let them shine.

I hope that, together, we will become the best team in the academy league and once that is established, then I have the lofty goal of CLG Academy being even better than the main team!

Image Credit: Riot Games

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