Continuing The Legacy

Everyone knows that it’s going to be a hard task to fill the shoes of Zven and Mithy.

A lot of people are already writing us off, but I think I’m fairly good at not letting things get to my head or affect me in a negative way; I’m just glad to have gotten this opportunity.

There will obviously be some pressure going from a bot-mid tier team to an EU championship winning team, especially a team with an AD carry I personally considered to be the best in EU before.

There’s going to be a really big difference for Wadid and myself. We’ll have to get used to not being the underdogs and learn to handle the added pressure and expectation we have upon us going into every game.

Our synergy is hard to describe, but we’re very good at getting things to work and understanding when we can do something better in our plays and communication, working to instantly improve it for the following game. I really like how Wadid and I work together and how we bounce off each other.

I wouldn’t have wanted to play with anyone else coming into this split.

When you play on a lower-tier team, something is often off when it comes to the team dynamic. I expect to be changing a lot individually when it comes to adapting to a team full of talented players who have been at the top before and are used to how things work at the highest level.

Before joining, Perkz and I played and talked a lot about expectations for the next year and – of course – about motivation and at what point we’re at in our career.

With League of Legends growing so quickly, particularly financially, it’s understandable that people would go to NA and cash out, but I don’t feel like I’m there yet in my career and I want to make it big, especially on the international stage. That’s where Perkz and I matched up pretty well.

It’s still early to say how the ‘new’ G2 is going to work out in terms of playstyle, given that everything at the highest level is really meta dependent, but I think all of us have the ability to change up our styles and fit the team in the best possible way.

That might also be one of the reasons that G2 wanted to pick up me and Wadid since we’re not linear players playstyle-wise, which is important because flexibility at the highest level is key.

I think a lot of “improving” my personal game will still be a team focused thing. I don’t think a lot of players in the pro scene are very bad at the game individually or have poor mechanics, even though you can always improve in that regard.

Getting better as a team and fitting into the team environment in the best possible way is what takes time and what I’ll look to do during my first split with G2.

When it comes to ambitions, my biggest one is definitely winning Worlds, but to do so, obviously, I have to continue the G2 legacy of winning Europe and then break the curse of losing in groups.

I’ve read criticism that G2 downgraded with its new roster, but we will try our best to prove them wrong. I think replacing players like Zven and Mithy – who worked so well together – with a bot lane that also has a lot of pre-existing synergies and a strong dynamic, will prove to be a good move.

I’m ready and excited to prove that move to be a success this season.

Image Credit: Riot Games & G2 Esports

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