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    There are various websites which are offering online Study material for RAS to applicants. The targetcivil.com is one of the important site which provides material with features of architecture, knowledge regarding handicrafts, arts, and paintings, renowned occasions, fairs, folk music, and dance, culture, tradition of Rajasthan, landmarks, political movements, famous personalities, tourist places and various other information related to Rajasthan. Most of the general knowledge part of the RAS paper relates with the history and news of Rajasthan. The topics included in geography of Rajasthan are physical divisions, natural resources, climate, irrigation projects, mines, minerals, population and various industries located in Rajasthan.  Study material related to environment, biodiversity, economy, agriculture, science-tech, issues in state, schemes, programmes, politics, etc. The main topics that will be covered under politics are Indian Constitution, Indian Political System, and politics related to Rajasthan.