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Not too long ago I was honestly just a casual console gamer who was not at all bothered about being competitive in any game. Getting into World of Warcraft was definitely a pretty drastic change for me.

It was only towards the end of Warlords of Draenor that I even noticed that WoW was a competitive game outside of PvP, which I already knew about from friends. I started paying attention to like the “world first race” that happens every time a new raid comes out.

People are usually quite surprised to learn that I only got into World of Warcraft at the end of Mists of Pandaria. I’m super new to the game compared to a lot of the guys in these competitions. One of my friends tried to get me onto the game years before but I just couldn’t get into it.

At the start, I got to max level and played a Discipline Priest, which was super fun back then. There were challenge modes in Mists of Pandaria, which are kind of like an early prototype of Mythic+, but I didn’t even play those, I was super casual.

Mythic+ really isn’t that much different from the old challenge modes, but for some reason, it just grabbed my attention right off the bat. Repeatable content that changes all the time with different affixes that change how you have to play and what you have to be wary of.

Of course, it’s competitive too. You compete to complete the dungeon in the fastest time you can, simple.

When the first MDI (Mythic Dungeon Invitational) came around I noticed how competitive it all was and just finally took the plunge.

There were and are just so many amazing players and streamers that I was able to catch up to speed with the best really quickly. Rather than watching one player, let’s a healer, like I am, and trying to copy them, I watched everyone and developed my own style.

I am a hyper-aggressive and greedy healer. Often you’ll hear DPS players say “you didn’t heal me” when they die. I always call them on that and actually check the logs to see if they could have done something more to keep themselves alive i.e Healthstone, Defensive not standing in that blindingly obvious pool of fire!

Most healers in that situation just fall back and say “yeah ok I’ll heal you, sorry”, even if it wasn’t their fault. I’ll just tell you to pay more attention to not taking damage.

Photo: Robb McCormick Photography

Kjells Angels started all the way back during the last Mythic Dungeon Invitational. It was me and Divinefield, our tank, and we found each other just in the regular dungeon finder tool in the game. We just had great natural chemistry, the sort that you need to have between a healer and a tank.

Dorullkjell ended up filling out our lineup after we found two other DPS players. Unfortunately, when it came to the first set of time trials, he couldn’t make it.

There were no subs back then so we just had to replace him, but as a little tribute to him we decided that were now “Kjells Angels”

I don’t really know how that silly team has now built up into this weird community we have going on. There have been so many people who just want to run dungeons with us and help us with strategies.

We wouldn’t have entered MDI if we didn’t believe that we could at least do okay. We weren’t setting the finals as a target or anything but once we started to win matches that gave us alot more confidence as a team to push forward to the final result we got.

It was a crazy long process to go from round one to playing the grand finals in Ohio. Everything else was done online, including the European regional finals, so getting through those stages and being able to play at LAN is awesome.

The level of support we got from Blizzard is actually kind of insane.

We were virtually unknown players in the grand scope of things just running mythic+ dungeons, but then a few months later Blizzard themselves are flying us out to Ohio to compete against teams from all over the place.

Photo: Robb McCormick Photography

Beating Method was huge. Even as a complete casual beginner I was aware of Method, I knew how big they were in the WoW scene.

When you’re playing against Method, you know that you have to bring your A-game. They punish almost every mistake that you make so you really have to be spot on against them.

I remember specifically in the regionals against their European lineup, we only really beat them because we had our best ever Vault of the Wardens run. I mean it was better than any practice or tournament run that we had ever done.

At the finals, of course, we ended up facing them again and then Method NA and managed to beat them both. It leaves me speechless honestly.

One of the commentators even ended up branding us as the “The Method Slayers” which is a great honour.

One of my favourite moments of the finals was our Vault of the Wardens pull, that was a moment that was very talked about during the broadcast. That’s why I think Blizzard have nailed the difficulty of the dungeons at this level. Any harder and you won’t get any cool “stream moments” like that.

So we just pull everything in that first room of Vault of the Wardens. I think the Method team ended up doing 2 packs and a miniboss at once, we do 5 packs and a miniboss all in one go. It’s a monster pull. You want to keep those in because they look good on stream.

When it comes to competing in MDI, I think the two most important things within a team are communication and attitude.

Divinefield and I have very good synergy and communicating between each other is so easy. I’m watching out for him, but he can also tell when I’m maybe struggling to heal, so he slows down just a touch.

We’ve built that up over time, that’s all it is. You have to play together a lot but eventually, you learn how to spot when someone is maybe uncomfortable or only just keeping up.

You see a lot of teams in Mythic+ that will just crumble when something goes wrong. We’re definitely not one of them. The thing with Mythic+ is that the timer is always going, so if something goes wrong, every second spent arguing is just wasted time.

When the run ends it’s all about finding out what we could do to make the time better. “How can I help you more” is a question that teammates should be asking each other all the time.

Getting to do this full-time would be a dream honestly. There have been a few jokes about us getting picked up by Method as “Method’s Angels” or whatever but I don’t think that’s on the cards just yet!

But honestly, we’re so thankful for the community support for all of us. I’m very excited to head to Blizzcon to meet everyone who’s been congratulating us and helping us along the way.

The plan for us is to just carry on as is, to be honest. The roster should stay perfectly intact.

I assume there will be some class changes because obviously, a new expansion brings whole new styles of playing to the table. Thankfully our team has a lot of flexibility so we should be fine no matter how it pans out. So we’ll definitely be defending our title in the next MDI.

Basically…keep an eye on Kjells Angels!


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