Mark My Worlds

I like to believe that it was my desire to win that motivated me to join G2 Esports rather than move to NA.

I was really disappointed to miss out on the last World Championship with H2k-Gaming, but at the same time content that we had given it our best shot. It wasn’t the first time that I have missed out on Worlds, but going from the tournament semi-finals to sitting at home watching on a screen was really sad and frustrating.

We had changed our roster in order to get better, not to get worse. At first, we had high hopes and we felt like there was a lot of potential, but now we all know how it ended.

After taking the decision to leave H2K, I was looking for the best possible chance of success and that is why I decided to go with G2 Esports.

NA pays more than EU, that is for certain, but I’m not going for the money in my career for now. Maybe it’s kind of funny, but I think I now understand why NA never wins. The ‘going to NA for vacation’ meme now makes a lot more sense to me. I mean, they get paid a lot, live in Los Angeles and then there are so many pretty girls over there…

I think the decision I made will pay off, and if not, at least I will try my best as usual.

Outside of winning, I think G2 has really good branding and I can grow more as a public person and streamer in this team too. We as pro players have to keep in mind that it’s not just about winning, it’s about your future too, and chasing glory is not always the best way to secure it, even though it helps.

It depends on what the person wants. I, for example, would like to become a streamer after my professional playing career.

Playing alongside Perkz was another factor in my decision to join G2. We’ve known each other for a long time now so I don’t think I had to convince him too much that I had the ability to succeed at G2. Hopefully, we will prove on the rift that it was the right call.

The synergy between us is getting better and better. There are still some elements missing that we both need to work on, but I believe we have a chance to be the best mid/jungle duo in EU. There are some teams that could give our duo trouble, like, for example, Fnatic’s Caps & Broxah or Misfits’ Sencux & Maxlore, but we will manage it. If we fail, we will improve and in the end, we’ll come back even stronger.

I believe that Perkz and I will work really well together, we’re aiming to dominate.

I believe that I look at the game from an aggressive and greedy point of view, which is not always necessarily good, but I think me and G2 will complement each other with our different views of the game. I have to keep in mind that we just started playing together so maybe my point of view on that will change.

A pro player is always looking to improve everything he can. In 2018, I think for me it will be mostly my decision-making and playing with the team; how we play as a team is really important so I will give it my best to help out my teammates.

If I had to choose now, having never won an EU LCS split, I think I’d probably value winning that more than qualifying for a World Championship, even if participation at Worlds has more prestige around it.

I will win an EU LCS split for the first time in 2018, mark my Worlds.

Image Credit: Riot Games & G2 Esports

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